We embrace and adhere to the Agile development methodology. Agile in a nutshell, is:

And, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that as developers, we are constantly building software in an interative fashion (lather, rinse, repeat) and it works. Well. Check out this:   Scrum Guide


Skills are funny things. The more development tools, languages and methods we are exposed to the more they seem the same and in many respects, allowing for a shorter learning curve. So, in additional to the following tech stacks, it’s not a hardship to adapt existing skills to new tech stacks:


C# & VB Main .NET programming languages
ASP.NET MVC/Core Web Application Frameworks for .NET
SQL Server Windows SQL Database Server

Open Source

Sinatra (Ruby) Powerful web framework using Ruby
Python Powerful scripting language
Javscript/jQuery The language of the web and what is still the best toolkit
MySQL Cross Platform SQL Database Server